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About JoyMailed


Joymailed is a passion project about happiness.  I think that every single person could use more of one thing in today's world-and it is so simple-Joy.

Everything on here was created by me (no big team, maybe one day though!)  with so much love. My goal is to help you find joy in living each day!  ( Even the days when you feel overwhelmed and would rather hide under the covers, especially on those days, I hope you find a little needed inspiration or a good recipe with chocolate! ; )  

Joy is everywhere. You just have to see it.  So my goal is to figuratively give you ideas that Mail you Joy - so that you can literally be 'Joymailed.'  

I came up with the name Joymailed from the initials of all my kids, husband and I (Jeremy Diego, Emma Isabelle, Lilliana, Amada Marie, & Miriam and Adam).  I left the extra letters as space for more kids ( joking, I think ; ) 

My hope is that this page inspires you to simple ways to find joy and live more fully. Whether you find something you can relate, a fun trip to do with you family, or a story that makes you a laugh or smile, that is truly enough.  So look for those big joys, but don't forget the little ones along the way!  Please enjoy reading and reach out if you would like to connect.

With love- Miriam 

about me.......


I love to write!  I have been freelancing for the past 5 years, while raising four beautiful kids.  I graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science (which is why I love reading research so much).  I then went on to pursue a Masters of Teaching at City University of Seattle and began blogging about education.  Along the way, I fell in love with blogging.  Our family has lived in 6 states and we love to learn new things. 

My writing has appeared in publications such as Cincinnati Parent Print Magazine, Teacherswithapps,, InnovationExcellence, and the social media pages of travel sites of museums and tourist sites.  Please feel free to connect if you feel our projects could be a match. 

Other writing projects: 

You can read about our travels across the USA at 

Learn more about minimalism with a family on

I am working on a few books (a young adult fairy tale) - so if you happen to be a publisher, yes, contact me :D  

If you want to hire me as a blogger, writer, photographer, or influencer, I can review your request if you contact me.  You can find me on instagram @joymailed  or on twitter @miriamoclifford