cherishing life's little joys


About JoyMailed

Hi, I’m Miriam, I’m a mother of four and a freelance writer. JoyMailed is a passion project about life’s simple pleasures. It is about finding the Joy in each day, and living life to the fullest.  Everything on here was created by me (no big team, maybe one day though!)  with love in a painstaking process of learning how to make a webpage. 

I am open to sharing what I have learned in life on this page, with anyone who needs it.  I love writing about things that have changed my life. I hope sharing what I’ve learned can help change yours too, even if it’s making one day easier.

I began my writing journey as an education writer, and expanded my writing into other topics I deeply care about. Some things I am interested in are travel, food, culture, minimalism and lifestyle topics. By living more intentionally each day, I hope to continue to write and provide my readers with simple ways to enjoy life. I hope you find your own passions and live life more fully each day. Please enjoy reading and reach out if you would like to connect!

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